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Stockholding Facilities



Call off Orders:

Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd. offer all of our customers that have an account 6 or even 12 month call off orders at no extra charge, this ensures we hold stock for you on our shelf and dispatch on same day servide when required, thus allowing our customers to operate in a truly 'just in time' philosophy. Furthermore you do not need to overfinance your stock as you only have to pay for it when you need it.


Stocking & Distribution Services:

Packaging Films from PSG Group Ltd. have a complete range of raw material stock holding facilities as well as finished good storage and most importantly a global distribution network operated by all of the best land, sea, rail and air freight operators. All goods (whether raw materials or finished goods) are kept in dedicated racking assigned to our trade conversion customers (in a temperature controlled BRC approved environment), and monthly stock values are reported for your monthly closing stock values. All goods can be sent via any carrier method desired, against customer supplied paperwork. All paperwork can be scanned and e-mailed to our customers for peace of mind. All goods are plain labelled or labelled with customers issued labels if desired.